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Group Buy Bag Tags

Are you wanting bag tags for you squadron / unit?

Can you get at least 15 dudes and dudette's together to agree on a design?

If you can answer YES to both of these then we can setup a Group Buy at a significant discount vs ordering individually.

The group buy POC will set the webbing color, the thread color, and aircraft silhouette - each unit member simply logs on here, picks the group buy, inputs their callsign, and pays for the order picking the free 'group buy' pickup option. It's that easy!

Email us at with the following info:

  • Squadron
  • Cut-off date (i.e. the last date anyone can order, after which they get made).
  • Webbing selection (Typically Multicam or Typhon Black)
  • Thread Color (Typically Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, etc)
  • Aircraft Silhouette 
  • Anticipated number of purchases

Once we get this info, we will usually dispatch a sample to show around the squadron as a demo.

For your hard work setting this up we will send you as the organizer of the group buy a free bag tag for every 15 orders. (I.e. 32 orders = 2 freebies)

Once everything is approved, your group buy details will appear as a drop down on the group buy product page.

Then, the only thing left to do is to pass along our easy to remember website address: